Cooking for friends and family has been a proud Bove’s tradition since 1941.

We believe that great food and delicious recipes are best when shared. So dig into our collection of family favorites that we’ve perfected in the Bove’s kitchen over the past 75 years. From our Wed night special—the same lasagna we made on Throwdown! with Bobby Flay—to Uncle Babe’s Chicken Parmesan, you’re sure to find a lip-smacking dish to love!

Nonna Victoria was the matriarch of the Bove’s family. She grew all of her fresh ingredients right behind what would eventually become Bove’s Café. Little did she know that one day her deep dish lasagna would go on to be famous—appearing on the Food Network’s Throwdown! with Bobby Flay! This one is it, the real homemade deal.  View Recipe

Pasta Bovissimo!

This dish is a true group effort, so to keep the peace we decided to name it after all of us! Pasta Bovissimo is a real crowd pleaser and just as good the next day. Enjoy!  View Recipe

“My brother Rick has always been a fan of my grandmother’s eggplant. He would watch her crisp the eggplant in olive oil and snatch the crispy ones before they even made it to the pan! He really tries to compete against my lasagna with this dish. I mean, it’s a close second.” —Mark Bove  View Recipe

When Uncle Babe wasn’t handing out little plastic monkeys to all the kids who came into the café, he would be out back sautéing onions and peppers for his famous grilled chicken parm. He was a big fan of this dish and so excited when we started bottling the sauces—mostly because it meant that he could have his chicken parm on Sundays or Mondays when the restaurant was closed!  View Recipe

We can still remember our grandmother adding a touch of wine to this recipe after browning the onions and garlic. Rumor has it that our grandfather, Louie, used to make red wine in the basement of Bove’s Café. That’s one way of keeping all of your ingredients local!  View Recipe

We’re always asked what we make for our big Christmas meal. There’s a tradition at Christmas called the Feast of the Seven Fishes when Catholics refrain from eating meat and dairy products. Well, one out of two ain’t bad! One year Mom took crabmeat, lobster and shrimp and made a lasagna with our Vodka sauce. As you might imagine, this was a BIG hit that first Christmas Eve. Now we enjoy this decadent dish much more often than just once a year and we think you will too!  View Recipe

No one in our big Italian family drinks wine, beer, or liquor. Notice we didn’t say anything about eating it though! We love the sweetness that the wine lends to this dish.  View Recipe

“I do love my pizza. To be perfectly honest, I’m a pizza snob and have always been searching for the perfect pie. One of my favorite recipes happens to be the ones that you whip up when there’s nothing in the house. One night I had a jar of garlic in the pantry and I used this sauce for the base of one of the best pizzas I’ve ever made.” —Mark Bove  View Recipe

When Mark and Rick were kids, they always wondered why the heck Mama Josephine would marinate chicken for an entire weekend. Although you don’t have to marinate it quite that long, that was her secret to an every Tuesday dinner tradition that filled their house with incredible aromas and filled bellies with her incredible chicken cacciatore!  View Recipe

Mark’s wife Ana often grills boneless and skinless chicken breasts for their daughter Victoria. But Ana always makes sure to grill extra so she can also enjoy a dish that includes her Bove’s favorite—our Vodka sauce!  View Recipe