Bove’s Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Announcement of Documentary Film

Dear friends,

It’s been a long year. We’ve celebrated. We’ve mourned. We’ve moved. Through it all we’ve been so appreciative of your support. Before we closed the restaurant on Pearl Street last December, we got an opportunity to work with filmmaker Ken Lacouture. What a gift this was for our entire Bove’s family. As we’re marking 75 years of bringing Bove’s sauces to you today, we’re so excited to share Ken’s work with all of our friends. His introduction and special announcement follow.

With gratitude,
Mark & Rick

Dear friends of Bove’s:

Here on the 75th Anniversary of Bove’s Cafe’s first day in operation, I’m pleased to share with friends and fans this first look at a film project designed to capture the rich history and special spirit of this Burlington cultural institution.

As those of you who came to the cafe last December 23rd know, a small production crew was there to begin a documentary project about the cafe. My intent was to use film to create the fullest record possible of the experience, appearance, and emotions of a special place I considered to be a jewel in our community fabric, before it passed into memory.

This being the first project of this kind I’ve attempted (and as of the moment, an endeavor that remains unfunded!), progress has come in fits and starts. But at long last, we have this first cut of a trailer. We offer it to you on this notable day as a “sneak peek” in advance of a formal announcement to come. (And, I will shamelessly mention, we plan that formal announcement to be accompanied by a push for fundraising via crowdsourcing devices such as Kickstarter.) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this small “taste” of what we hope to cover with the completed project.

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If you wish to be informed of progress on the project, or offer financial support in the future, I invite you to contact us at our temporary e-mail address, ““.

Please join me in congratulating The Boves on 75 years of excellent food and memorable experiences, with more to come!

Ken Lacouture